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Bright Eco-Coating

A 100% microplastic-free coating that is environmentally friendly. Bright Eco-coating is safe to use with all crops, and particularly suitable for organic growing.

100% microplastic-free coating

Bright Eco-Coating is a 100% microplastic-free coating that provides protection against excessive temperatures and sunlight exposure. This liquid coating is fully biodegradable* and biobased, and can be removed from any greenhouse surface without chemical cleaners. This makes Bright Eco-Coating safe to use during the cultivation of any crop, and organically grown crops in particular. Bright Eco-Coating is unique and distinctive from all available coatings on the market.

Benefits of Bright Eco-Coating:

  • Excellent protection for your crop
  • Fully suitable for organic cultivation
  • Completely organically removable
  • Completely organically removable
  • Long-lasting protection
  • Liquid and easy to apply
  • For all greenhouse surfaces

Fully suitable for organic cultivation

Bright Eco-Coating is the first and only coating on the market that is completely microplastic-free. This environmentally friendly coating is fully biodegradable* and 100% bio-based. Bright Eco-Coating is liquid and easy to apply to any greenhouse cover, both by machine and manual.

Removal of the microplastic-free coating can be done in three environmentally friendly ways:

  1. Wear from wind and rain after 90 to 120 days,
  2. Brushing, without using a chemical cleaner
  3. Spraying with Bright Eco-Clean, which is also 100% microplastic-free and biodegradable*.

This makes Bright Eco-Coating suitable for all crops and especially for organically grown crops. Our liquid coating contributes to corporate social responsibility and is the only shading agent that meets the requirements for organic growing.

In addition to the fact that our liquid coating is environmentally friendly, our buckets are made of 100% recycled plastic. All packaging that is returned to the supplier is collected by us and recycled for the next application. This is how we contribute to corporate social responsibility.

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