What kinds of disposable gloves are there?

Disposable gloves are only used once. They offer a basic level of hygienic protection. They are available in different colours, sizes and materials. Disposable gloves are made from latex, nitrile or vinyl. How do you choose the best material for your purpose?

Latex disposable gloves

Latex gloves are made from natural rubber, and thus decompose naturally. They offer reasonable resistance to cut and abrasion wounds and protect against bacteria, viruses and chemicals. Given their elasticity and firmness, they are very comfortable to use. Latex disposable gloves are not suitable for people with a latex allergy. Nor can they be used with oil and fat.

Nitrile disposable gloves

Nitrile disposable gloves are made from synthetic rubber. They are very strong, stronger than vinyl or latex gloves, and thus highly resistant to oil, fat and splatters from certain chemicals. Nitrile gloves are not resistant to ketones, oxidizing acids or nitrogen. They form a good alternative for people who are allergic to latex.

Vinyl disposable gloves

Vinyl gloves are made from PVC. Of the three different materials, vinyl is the weakest one and thus offers the lowest level of protection. They fit very comfortably and provide protection against low-risk chemicals, oil, fat and acids. They are not resistant to solvents or ketones.

Powdered or powder-free gloves

Both latex and vinyl gloves are available in powdered and powder-free versions. The benefit of a powdered glove is greater comfort. They are easier to pull on and sweat and fluid are partially absorbed by the powder. Powdered gloves are not suitable for the food industry because the powder can get into the products.

Coloured disposable gloves

Our gloves are available in different colours, the right colour for each target group. The most common colours are blue and white. In the food industry, blue nitrile gloves are required by the HACCP guidelines. The colour blue can be easily traced in a product, in case a glove is lost for any reason.