What is a periodic mask inspection?

Your respiratory protection equipment wears down with use. We offer periodic maintenance to check the protective equipment for defects and mask leaks, etc. If necessary, we replace parts and carry out repairs.


Our respiratory technology specialists check your masks and other systems for respiratory protection during our periodic mask inspection. The masks are tested for leak tightness, and the soundness of important components is checked. We examine the status of the filters and other components and usually carry out minor repairs immediately.


To undergo the periodic mask inspection, the mask must be delivered in a clean state (free of chemicals). It must be labelled with the user’s first and last name in capital letters. Ensure that your ventilation system is fully charged so we can test e.g. air flow and battery capacity. We test masks from the following brands:

  • 3M
  • BLS
  • DeltaPlus
  • Dräger
  • Honeywell
  • North
  • Panoramasque
  • Compact Air
  • Fernez


After the periodic mask inspection, you will receive an inspection report from us confirming that the mask currently meets the legal requirements. Please note, we only inspect your mask. The fit of the mask to your face is checked with a special face fit test.