What content volumes does an IBC have?

A standard IBC has a content volume of 1000 litres. However, you will also find in our range IBCs of content volumes 300, 600 and 800 litres. These plastic tanks can contain, for example, foodstuffs, AdBlue or chemical liquids.

300 litre IBC

The 300 litre IBC is the smallest bulk container, measuring only 80 x 60 x 100 cm. The small (content) volume makes the 300 litre container highly suitable for liquids with a limited shelf life or for use in small spaces. The IBC has an opening of 150 mm, a plastic outlet of 2″ or S60x6 and a 50-mm gate valve. The 300-litre IBCs are stable and stackable (also with the 600 and 800-litre ones), simple to empty and are reusable. The containers have an HDPE inner tank in natural or black, a galvanised tubular cage and a plastic pallet. The container is also available with a UN certification.


The IBC can be expanded, according to your wishes, with for example a cylinder valve, a pressure equalisation system, a discharge connection or CDS connection.