The most important properties of trigger sprayers

If you are looking for a bottle with a trigger sprayer it is important to make a careful assessment. In this article you will read about the properties of trigger sprayers that you should take into account.

Bottle necks and screw collar

First of all the trigger sprayer has to fit well on the bottle neck. We make distinction between a snap fitting and screw fitting. The most commonly used opening is 28/410. The height of the screw collar can be modified upon request according to your bottle so that they fit well. Our trigger sprayers have an ergonomic and compact design that fit on and with our range of bottles.


In order to be able to spray the entire contents of the bottle, the length of the diptube has to match the length of the bottle. We deliver as standard a diptube of length 270 mm, but other lengths are available upon request.


Our TS5 trigger sprayer is fitted with patented pre-compression technology. Irrespective of the pressure the fingers place on the lever, the output on the trigger sprayers remains the same. This gives the users of your product convenience and reliability.


The choice of nozzle determines the manner of spraying. The nozzles we supply for foaming and spraying are as standard medium sized. The narrow and wide versions are available upon request. All nozzles are fitted with a blocking system. By adjusting the position of the nozzle, the trigger sprayer can be easily switched ‘on and off’.

Child safe

Upon request, all our trigger sprayers can be fitted with a CRP closure that prevents children from being able to operate the triggers. This CRP (child resistant packaging) closure seals the screw collar in accordance with ISO 8317. And in combination with an appropriate sealable bottle, ensures for a completely child-safe packaging.

Chemical compatibility

Our triggers are made from HDPE and can be used for many types of liquids, from regular cleaning agents to chemical agents with a high viscosity.

For large orders it is possible to carry out a test in which your bottle and our trigger sprayer are tested to check for certain that they are compatible. A test of the bottle, trigger sprayer and content combination is also possible. This ensures that the combination always meets your wishes and requirements. Please feel free to ask us for more information with no obligation.

Ronald Havenaar, accountmanager Houweling Group


It may also be important for you that the colour of the trigger sprayers fits your brand or product line. We therefore have a number of standard colours in stock. And for larger orders, it is possible to produce the trigger sprayer in your own colours and colour combinations. You can then choose the colour of the nozzle, lever, screw collar and body.

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