The major 2018-2019 refurbishment

Since 2010, Houweling Group has had its main office and warehouses at Klappolder 104 in Bleiswijk. So in 2018 it was time for some refurbishments. Not only has our organisation expanded and grown considerably in the last few years, but the current regulations also require that we update our premises. What’s more, we wanted to be more sustainable in the way we conduct our business. So as of January 2018, our 40-year-old building underwent some extensive refurbishments.

Keep the good

Much at our premises was renewed, but we kept everything that was good:

  • Larger than 40,000 m² site at Klappolder 104 to relocate all our products, equipment and personnel.
  • 350 m² showroom where you can get a good impression of our product range.
  • A complete warehouse with dock shelters.
  • 1,865 m² workshop for maintaining our vehicle fleet.
  • Reuse of water in our rinsing installation for cleaning used packaging.


We have given a large number of areas in our premises a complete makeover:

  • The replacement of 46,550 m² of roofing with a new roof made of sheets with a high insulation value and fitted with solar panels.
  • From 1,500 m² office space to a new building with two floors of 2,200 m².
  • A newly fitted rinsing installation for our recoservice.


We have deliberately opted as much as possible for circular and CO2 reducing solutions and materials:

  • The solar panels generate 3.7 MWp which we use partly for ourselves and partly for supplying others.
  • Our roofs collect rainwater which we then use in our rinsing installation.
  • Our own waste wood heats up the water for the rinsing installation.
  • All our bulbs are being replaced by energy-efficient LED bulbs.
  • Special compartments in the sheds and a new sprinkler installation for optimal fire safety.
Building together and together sustainable

Look at the video series (Dutch) showing how we worked closely with partners in carrying out the refurbishment as sustainably as possible: