Recycled packaging leads to BREEAM points

Houweling Group develops and supplies packaging made from recycled material. Along with the benefits for the environment – like CO2 reduction, shrinking of the waste mountain, and savings on fossil fuel raw materials – it gives users in the construction industry an advantage. The packaging leads to points for BREEAM credits.


BREEAM is the best instrument to measure and evaluate holistically the sustainability of new and existing buildings. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) sets a standard for a sustainable building and then specifies the performance level that the examined building has. Through certification, the value of the building increases, its image is improved, there are lower energy costs, and a fiscal benefit can be realised. BREEAM tests the building according to 9 categories, each of which is subdivided into different credits. The more credits achieved, the higher the final score. Ultimately, a building is awarded 1 to 5 stars.


In the Management category, a maximum of 4 points can be awarded for credit under MAN 3 The environmental impact of the building site. All criteria are met with jerrycans made of 100% recycled plastic (in particular, criterion F of the checklist).


In the Waste category, a maximum of 3 points can be awarded for credit under WST 1 Waste Management on the building site. All of these points can be awarded when using jerrycans made of 100% recycled plastic.

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Sources: Uzin Utz Nederland and Tom Linneman | Bouw en advies