More about circular work clothing

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are now essential aspects of our modern society. Your company can contribute to these goals through the use of circular work clothing.

Save on raw materials

Circular clothing means that the materials of the clothing are reused. New clothing is made from old clothing, saving on raw materials like cotton. The cultivation of cotton is highly polluting. A quarter of all pesticides in the world are used to grow cotton. That makes the clothing sector the second biggest polluter, after the agricultural sector. After use, clothing disappears into the landfill. In the Netherlands alone, this amounts to 135 million kilos annually, or 5% of the total waste mountain. It can certainly be used to make new products.

Circular clothing

Several of our suppliers provide circular clothing. For example, Tricorp has its Rewear clothing package. This line is based on six top articles from its standard collection. Rewear is primarily made from recycled polyester or a mix of recycled polyester and organic cotton.

In collaboration with Tricorp, our employees wear circular work clothing that was specially designed for us. By doing so, we are taking another step towards corporate social responsibility.
Tom Bouwmeester, manager at Houweling Veiligheid bv

Reduce, Reuse, Rewear

By reducing water use, CO2 emissions, energy and the use of raw materials, we are working on Reduce. Reuse can involve the collection of clothing, in order to reuse it. For Rewear, materials are reused in work clothing.

Recycling clothing and PPE

Along with work clothing, personal protective equipment made of plastic like helmets and glasses can also be recycled. A new raw material can be created from these products: Cliff. Cliff is a composite of used textiles and used plastic. It can be turned into flower boxes, benches and tables.

We care. We do. We fulfill.

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