How much fits in a Houweling truck?

How many pallets fit in our trucks and how long is a so-called LHV? In this article, we will tell you more about the load capacity of our vehicle fleet.

Vehicle fleet

We take the road on trailer combinations, single trailers and LHVs with sustainable Euro 6 engines. These allow a flexible deployment of suitable transport. Many of our trucks are equipped with a tail lift.

Volume combination: a volume combination is a truck with a trailer. Both carry a swap body with an insertion height of 2.90 metres and a combined load length of 15.60 metres. The total loading volume is 120 m³. They can carry 30 pallets of 120x100x280mm or 38 pallets of 120x80x280mm. That is also 60 IBCs or 76 pallets of jerrycans, for example.

Trailer: a trailer consists of the combination of a ‘tractor’ and trailer. The loading volume depends on the type of trailer. We have various types such as mega/tautliner, tank trailer, refrigerated trailer and container chassis.

LHV: an LHV is a ‘Long Heavy Vehicle’, in our case a truck with two trailers or a truck with a trailer. The front trailer is shorter than the rear one for easy manoeuvring. The combined load length of an LHV is 21.60 metres, which increases the load volume by approximately 30% to 165 m³. This allows as many as 84 IBCs or 106 pallets of jerrycans to be transported.

Feel free to ask us for more information or a free quote for the transport of your freight.

Jaap Groenendijk, Manager Transport at Houweling Group

Swap bodies

Our combinations can place their swap bodies at your location. For example, filled with a load of new packaging, which gives you extra storage. Or as a collection point for your used packaging. Your account manager will be happy to tell you more about the possibilities for (temporarily) using a swap body.

Optimal utilisation

We would like to optimise our transport and preserve valuable raw materials. After delivery of your order, we also take your used packaging, pallets, workwear and PPE with us through our recycling service. We then take care of the reuse or processing of the materials, so you no longer have to worry about your waste streams.

Delivery times and shipping costs

Read more about our delivery times as well as shipping and order costs in this knowledge article.