How do you get proud wearers of your work clothing?

We not only supply work clothing, shoes and personal protective equipment, we also wear them ourselves. Our own package of work clothing is a great example of the many possibilities available for composing a set of work clothing. Read more about the clothing we have chosen and how we can put a unique clothing package together with you in your own style. You and your employees will wear the clothing proudly.


The starting point for putting together a customised clothing package is the people who will be wearing it. It is important to examine the employees’ needs in terms of standards, fit and choice of models. At Houweling Group around 100 employees wear work clothing. They range from chauffeurs with a complete package to employees with a labelled shirt. To safeguard wearing comfort, a choice can be made among several models of, for example, jackets and shirts. Look at our assortment of work clothing in the online catalogue.

House style

Our need was for unity in appearance, as well as wearing comfort. The possibilities to put together a customised package of work clothing are endless. This can be done simply, by choosing from existing clothing and printing and embroidering it. Even small adjustments, like a zipper or a zipper puller in your own colour, result in a large difference in style. For example, the Tricorp Bicolor series proved to be a good starting point for us to see how we could implement our house style further.


Together with Tricorp we could also produce a sustainable version: our softshell jacket is circular. With circular clothing the materials of the clothing are reused, and thus new clothing can be made from the softshell. That saves on raw materials and fits with our sustainable business operations. We are proud wearers of our personal work clothing, and we are happy to tell you how we can create such a unique clothing package for you too.

All of the reactions I received from colleagues were positive, regarding the style, quality and quantity. When putting them on, the work jeans felt a bit tight, but we resolved that by taking a size larger.
Reinier Havenaar, Houweling Group