Houweling Production bv

Houweling Group has several subsidiaries. We will tell you more about Houweling Production bv in this article.

Chain cooperation

Houweling Group is a packaging specialist. We have many years of experience in purchasing, selling, processing and manufacturing plastic packaging. We work in the chain together with other parties such as suppliers of raw materials, manufacturers and waste processors. Thanks to our innovation with these parties, we are a leading player in recycled plastics. In order to guarantee this innovation and develop further, subsidiary Houweling Production bv was set up.

Houweling Production bv

Houweling Production bv is a factory for the production of plastic products. The organisation combines the knowledge and experience of Houweling Group with the expertise of of a group of plastic processing companies. Houweling Production bv is located at the same site as the head office of Houweling Group. The production hall is housed in part of the premises at Klappolder 104 in Bleiswijk. The state-of-the-art machines run on the power generated by solar panels that have been set up on site. The production is mainly focussed on making products from 100% recycled plastic.

Waste is a raw material

With Houweling Production bv, Houweling Group can work further on using waste as a raw material. All expertise is now directly available, and the possibility of quickly testing packaging made of recycled materials has been expanded. Houweling Group remains a partner of many other well-respected manufacturers. Only by working together in the chain can we make plastic packaging more sustainable.

And of course we cannot do it without our customers. They, too, believe in the potential of circular packaging. With success: we already re-use some 800,000 kilos of plastic each year.

Marc Houweling, owner Houweling Group / co-owner Houweling Production bv