ERO equipment for the office and on the road

In order to be able to act effectively during an emergency, it is important that the Emergency Response team has the appropriate equipment. In this article you can read more about legal obligations and our product range.

Legal obligations

Emergency Response (ERO) is an obligation laid down by the Dutch Health and Safety Act. An employer is after all entitled to a safe place of work. Employers are obliged to ensure that Emergency Response Officers can act appropriately in the event of an incident or disaster. Employers are therefore responsible not only for ensuring there are sufficiently trained Emergency Response Officers but also for the equipment used by the EROs to carry out their tasks. The equipment for EROs includes equipment for recognition, access, care of the injured and prevention.

Types of ERO equipment

The equipment of EROs are varied. Below is an example from our range:

  • vests with ERO (BHV in Dutch)
  • helmets in various colours with the possibility of printing
  • first aid kits and separate products for taking care of wounds, such as bandages, plasters and disinfectants
  • eye baths
  • AEDs
  • fire blankets
  • pictograms
  • torches

First aid kits

The most obvious product that should be available at every department of a company is the first aid kit. This has to be accessible within 30 seconds. The contents of a first aid kit should include all those things necessary to administer first aid. This includes plasters, compresses, scissors, bandages and tweezers. The first aid box has to be approved according to the NEN standard NEN 8112:2017. The first aid box must be placed at eye level where it is easy to access, or for example in the portacabin or company car.

AED voor onderweg

We have fitted one of our lorries with a mobile AED. The driver is a trained Emergency Response Officer and can administer aid wherever needed. You can ask us about the possibilities.

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