Demineralized Water: Applications, Characteristics, and Customization Options

Water is an indispensable element. In addition to quenching our thirst, it is used in our daily lives and in numerous business processes. Examples include cleaning, industry, medical applications, and agriculture. Houweling Group supplies both wholesale and end users. In this article, we discuss what demineralized water is, its applications, and the customization options Houweling offers.

Applications of Demineralized Water

Tap water typically contains small amounts of salts. Demineralized water, also known as demiwater, is technically pure water with all salts removed. This makes the water suitable for numerous applications where water quality is important, such as in the chemical and food industries. Demineralized water can be used, for example, as rinse water, boiler water, cooling water or test water.

Benefits of Demiwater at Houweling:

Demiwater is an stock item at our Headquarter. Our 25-liter can of demiwater is a perfect example of a product with a small footprint. It is produced and filled sustainably in our own factory and delivered to you by our own transport.


The conductivity of demiwater is an important feature that indicates the quality and purity of the water. The unit of measurement for water conductivity is micro Siemens per centimeter, represented by the symbol μS/cm. The conductivity of drinking water ranges from 300 to 700 μS/cm, depending on the area where the water is sourced.

Conductivity is due to the amount of minerals and salts still dissolved in the water. Demineralized water has low conductivity, produced with a conductivity of 0.1 – 1.0 μS/cm.

What is the difference between demineralized water and distilled water?

Demineralized water, also known as demiwater, is filtered water. By filtering tap water, the negative ions, consisting of small amounts of salts, are removed. The positive ions remain in the water. This form of water is clean but not completely pure. This water has a neutral pH value.

Distilled water is very pure water. Through distillation, all inorganic salts and many organic substances have been removed. Tap water is heated to its boiling point. The condensation (steam) that comes off is then collected. This leaves behind almost all substances that were in the water, leaving only the clean water. This evaporated water continues its way through a carbon filter, which divides the remaining salts from the water., which is widely used in hospitals or in the food industry.

Demiwater packaging sizes and customization options at Houweling Group

Houweling offers a wide range of demiwater products. We supply demineralized water directly from stock in the following packaging sizes:

  • 5, 10, 20, and 25-liter jerrycan
  • 200-liter drum
  • 1000-liter IBC
  • 32,000-liter tanker truck

Upon request, we can supply demineralized water in a custom package, with your own labels or logo.

More information?

If you have questions about demiwater or would like advice, please contact us. We are happy to help.