Dairy packaging according to your taste

There is an increasing demand for artisanal dairy products. And that offers opportunities for you as an entrepreneur! The consumer is keen to buy these natural dairy products.

Producer and wholesaler

You process dairy in various types and flavours, each with their own characteristics. After having spent a large amount of time and effort on the production, you now have to package your dairy. But how? We are a producer and wholesaler of packaging products. We combine our know-how in packaging with large stocks of articles. This ensures that we can always supply our customers with the most suitable packaging that gets their products noticed.

Food packaging

We are specialists in buckets, trays and tubs. These forms of packaging are ideally suited for foods. We also offer extensive possibilities for incorporating your logo, corporate identity and texts in the packaging. In our dairy brochure (Dutch) we show a selection from our product range. We will be happy to advise you on packaging that gives your dairy products the attention they deserve.

Ingredients packaging

Our packaging products are made from PP plastic that is suitable for food and are fitted with a seal. All products from the brochure are in accordance with HACCP, BRC, IFS High Level and ISO 22000:2005. Due to the various content volumes, low purchase numbers and various decoration possibilities, the buckets, trays and tubs are ideal for packaging (a series of) dairy products such as ice, yoghurt, cheese and curd cheese. Upon request, the products can also be delivered in frozen quality, whereby the ice cream can be stored in the packaging for a longer time.

Forms and colours

The buckets, trays and tubs are available in round, square, oval and rectangular forms. We usually supply white or transparent packaging, but coloured packaging is, of course, also possible. You have the choice of standard colours such as blue, red, yellow, green and black. (Partially) transparent packaging ensures for trust amongst consumers as the content is visible. Our products are available in bright and transparent colours.


You can choose a standard bucket, tray or tub, which can come with a label. But there are many more possibilities for decorating the packaging. If you opt for an IML (in-mould label) then your design is processed in such a way that it becomes part of the bucket.   There are many more possibilities for adding details to in-mould labels. For example, a scent, a digital watermark and non-copyable security functions. Even thermochrome inks can be used: these inks change colour at a certain temperature so that you can, for example, guarantee the freshness of your frozen product!

Try it yourself

Most buckets are fitted with a handle according to your wishes As closure, you can choose from a regular lid, seal lid or lid with integrated spoon. We are your ideal partner when it comes to dairy packaging according to your own taste. We also supply workgear such as disposables, boots and gloves. We will be delighted to tell you more about the possibilities we offer.

Please feel free to ask for a sample or quote. You can also make an appointment or ask for a 3D model with your own design.

Erik Graafland, Account Manager Houweling Group