Circular use of pallets

Pallets are everyday objects in commercial activities. They are used for everything. It is highly likely that we regularly unload them at your location, as support for various products. Pallets are a great example of the circular use of products. Read more details in this article about new, used and recycled pallets.

Logistics aid

A pallet is a logistics aid that can be used as a transport unit. Goods are stored and transported on pallets. A pallet is moved with a pallet jack or forklift truck. Many of our products are marketed on pallets. We exchange full pallets when unloading for empty ones, and vice versa if you wish. That makes life easy for you.


Pallets are made of wood, plastic, wood fibre and metal. Wooden pallets are relatively cheap and environmentally friendly. They are widely employed and easy to repair. Plastic pallets are light, strong, moisture-resistant and easy to maintain. These properties offer you an advantage over wooden pallets, for example, if these pallets are used in a humid environment, or if the pallets must comply with specific legislation. Plastic pallets last longer than wooden pallets, but they cannot be repaired.


In our assortment you can find a variety of versions of pallets, pallet boxes and cover plates. We also supply EURO-pallets, CP1, CP3 and CP9 pallets, EX-pallets and H1 hygiene pallets directly from our stock. We distinguish between new, used and recycled pallets. We not only deliver new pallets (also available as a recycled version), we also collect used pallets. We sort all pallets and repair wooden pallets as necessary. Plastic pallets are inspected and cleaned. Then we return them to the market – as good as new.


With our recoservice we collect used packaging and pallets and reuse them. This leads to savings in fossil fuel raw materials and energy use and contributes to a circular economy.


Look at the circular value of something simple like a pallet. It’s a great example of a product that we can use, repair, clean and reuse, not just once but many times.

Marc Houweling,  Managing director / Owner Houweling Group


Make sure that your pallets are easily recognised and take advantage of the possibilities to personalise your pallets. Printing with letters, logos and numbering is possible starting from 50 items. A pallet in entirely your own colour is possible for 500 items or more.

Packaging and sending

We deliver everything needed to package your shipment on the pallet with, for example, boxes, cover plates, foil and tape. Or ask about the possibilities to use pallet boxes, crates and tubs.


If you choose Houweling Group as the supplier of your pallets, then you enjoy the following benefits:

  • new, used and recycled pallets
  • wide-ranging assortment in stock
  • daily transport in the Benelux on weekdays
  • good-quality used pallets
  • competitive fees

We care. We do. We fulfill. 

Ask us for more information, look at our online offer of new and used pallets or our product flyer Used pallets.